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General Construction Equipment solutions from Bin Salim

General Construction Equipment

Looking for quick solutions at your construction sites ?

Have a look at our product groups :

Abrasives, Belts, Discs and Rolls, Norton Clipper, Flap and Cut-Off Wheels,, Rough Grinding wheels, construction

Norton Clipper

Blades, Machines for Building & Construction
Range of Abrasives for Construction


  • Belts, Discs and Rolls

  • Sheets & sponges

  • Flap and Cut-Off Wheels

  • Rough Grinding wheels

  • Precision Grinding wheels

  • Conditioning Wheels

  • Superfinishing sticks

  • Mounted Points

  • Sharpening Stones

Non-Abrasives from Norton Clipper


  • Wire Brushes

  • Masking

  • Polishing products

  • Chemical products

  • Paint System

  • PPE

  • Wiping cloths

Machines for Building and Construction

Machines for Building and Construction

  • Handheld cut-off saw

  • Tile Saws and Masonry Saws

  • Floor Saws

  • Drill Rigs & Motors

  • Power Floats

  • Wall Saws & Wall Chasers

  • Floor Grinders

  • Dust Extractors

  • Spare Parts

Trelawny, Surface Preparation Technology, Floor preparation, grinding and polishing, Corrosion and coatings removal, Dust

Trelawny : Surface Preparation Technology

Surface Preparation Technology
  • Floor preparation, grinding and polishing

  • Corrosion and coatings removal

  • Concrete and stone dressing

  • Vibration management

  • Local area tamping

  • Compound mixing

  • Dust control

Trelawny : Surface Preparation Technology
WAbrasivres, Stainless Steel Abrasives, Cast Iron , Cut Wire, Mineral

W Abrasives

Stainless Steel Abrasives, Cast Iron and more
  • Stainless Steel Abrasives

  • Cast Iron Abrasives

  • Mineral Abrasives

  • Cut Wire

  • Round Steel Abrasives

  • Angular Steel Abrasives

  • Surface Preparation

Stainless Steel Abrasives, Cast Iron, Mineral Abrasives from Bin Salim
LOGO Icaro, Cutters, Benders, Stirrup Bender


Cutters, Benders, Spiral Machines
Cutters for construction sites


Benders for construction sites


Stirrup Bender for construction sites

Stirrup Bender



Spiral Machines,construction

Spiral Machines

Altrad Belle, Compacting, Concreting, Pressure Washers, Scaffolding

Altrad Belle

Compacting, Mixing, Concreting, Cutting and more
  • Compacting

  • Mixing

  • Concreting

  • Cutting

  • Breaking

  • Moving

  • Generators

  • Pressure Washers

  • Wheelbarrows

  • Scaffolding

  • Road Plates

Compacting, Mixing, Concreting, Cutting, Breaking, Moving machines from Bin Salim

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