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Inauguration of Al-Rawahy Complex - Bin Salim's new HQ

Al-Rawahy Holdings LLC unveiled their New Building Complex at Wattayah, on the 7th of November, 2016. The New Complex with its unique architecture and design is iconic as it embellishes the skyline of Wattayah. The new building will house the showroom and offices of the companies owned by Al-Rawahy Holdings including

a Public Library and the Belgian Consulate of Oman.

The Public Library was inaugurated by His Highness Sayyid Haitham Bin Tarik Al Said, Minister of Heritage and Culture at a glittering ceremony that was held on the same evening.

Speaking on the occasion of the opening of the Library, Sheikh Aflah bin Hamed bin Salim Al Rawahy, the Chairman of Al-Rawahy Holdings LLC highlighted the salient features of the Public Library, he said, “the library contains over 5000 books and some very old, rare manuscripts that have been preserved by our family for centuries. In addition to this we have also displayed many artifacts that will remind us of our rich culture and heritage”. He continued saying that Arabic Calligraphy has been an art practiced by many members of the Al-Rawahy family, the library will give visitors a chance to see some examples of Classical Arabic Calligraphy.

His Highness Sayyid Haitham Bin Tarik Al Said, the Chief Guest, toured the facilities and congratulated Al-Rawahy Holdings LLC on taking up this initiative of setting up a Public Library in Wattayah. He stressed upon the need for all citizens to be proud of their heritage and culture and hoped that this library would give everyone a chance to connect with the illustrious history of the Sultanate of Oman. On completion of his tour, His Highness signed the visitor’s book, the library had the privilege to record H.H. Sayyid Haitham as the first visitor to the Library.

At the event there were several dignitaries from abroad, among them were Mr. Michael Hilti, Member of the Board of Directors of Hilti Corporation, Liechtenstein. Mr. Richard Dick, Chairman, the Lucy Group, UK, Presidents, VP’s of Atlas Copco Group and Senior Management Representatives of Fronius, Austria. A troupe of Omani artists at the inauguration welcomed the guests with an enthralling performance depicting the culture and heritage of Oman.

Glimpses of the Inauguration

Complete Inauguration Video


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